Optical design

Optical design

Innovation is not just an idealistic goal, it's the driving force that push us to search continuously new and innovative solutions.

Thanks to our team of optical and mechanic engineers and thanks to our international partners we are able to follow completely a project from the initial idea, its evolution, eventually build a mold if necessary, to prototyping till the mass production.

We work with all the best technical softwares available on the market like:

  • Autocad
  • Zemax
  • Speos
  • Tracepro
  • Topsolid
  • Solid Works
  • Unigraphics NX-4.

  • High quality standard
  • Constant improvement of the existing technologies
  • Continuous buying of new technical machines for production and control
  • Experimentation of new materials and technologies
  • Increase the share of the assembly-related activities
  • Constant improvement of the professional competencies of the personal on all levels
  • Shorter development and prototyping terms

From the concept to the mass production:

  1. Initial idea: the customers approaches Optical Solutions with the project it has in mind explaining which is his final goal: a new product or the upgrade of an exhisting one.
  2. Feasibility study: our team of optical and mechanical engineers check the feasibility of the project and Optical Solutions proposes the best technical and economical solution to the final customer.
  3. Offers: in this step could be sent an offer including optical study, development, prototyping and mass production costs, eventually will be also included costs for mold and/or optical simulations.
  4. Prototyping: when the project is finished we can make the first prototypes and all of them will be 100% tested and sent to the final customer for his approval.
  5. Mass Production: after customer approval we can start with the mass production.

Optical study capacity:

  • Single lens or clusters of lenses and prisms
  • Complete optical system and eventually  integration with an exhisting systems
  • Coatings and special filters
  • Color glass filters customized
  • Mechanical components
  • Molds and toolings

Reverse Engineering:

We offer a complete and specialized support to engineer the final product:

  • Optical design and technical analysis
  • Customized production of optical component
  • Assembling and alignment
  • Coating design, analysis and production
  • Opto-mechanical design
  • Design of checking and control systems