Optics and high precision lens suitable for the industrial, defence and security markets.

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Thanks to a team of highly qualified companies we are able to design and manufacture any optical component from single lens to complex objective.

Over the years we have accumulated important work experience in different sectors, these experiences allow us to always offer you original and innovative solutions that will often allow you to achieve results that exceed your expectations.

The range of our products and materials is growing day by day so we invite you to visit regularly our website in order to be always updated.

Filtri ottici e coatings

Optical filters are used to select the different wavelengths by transmitting or reflecting them, they can work by absorbption (coloured glass filters) or by reflection (interference filters).

Optical filters are commonly used in devices for industrial, medical, imaging, or defence applications.

Optical Solutions offers a full range of colour glass filters and interference filters such as BandPass, LongPass, ShortPass, Notch, Edge, nd, gratings, variable filters…..for all applications.


The synthetic sapphire known as single crystal aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is one of the hardest existing materials and thanks to its chemical, physical and optical characteristics it can resist chemical erosion, abrasion and high temperatures, it also has a good optical transmission in the 250nm-5500nm wavelengths.

Optical Solutions is able to supply windows, lenses, prisms, rods, tips, domes and other special shapes for electro-optical, laser, biomedical, space, defence applications and much more.

Optical laser components are used in high / medium / low power lasers systems for industrial, medical and defence applications.

Optical Solutions offers a complete range of windows, lenses, mirrors, filters, beam expanders, cristals and much more.

Optical glass components are used in many industrial, medical and defence applications where extremely high optical performances are required and can be combined with protective, AR or other coatings.

Optical Solutions is able to supply windows, spherical and aspherical lenses, prisms, beam splitters, balls, free forms, assembled and cemented components, moulded parts and much more.

IR materials are widely used in sectors such as lasers, thermo imaging, spectroscophy, biomedical, surveillance and defence.

Optical solutions is able to supply windows, lenses, mirrors made of various materials such as Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2 including coatings such as AR, HR, BBAR, DLC.

Thanks to constant market research and the requests from our customers we are able to supply any material and/or component and offer it at the best qualitative and economic market conditions.

The large diffusion of LED systems have made it necessary to develop ever more efficient optics and the optical polymers plays a fundamental role in this field.

Optical Solutions is able to supply PMMA, PC, COC, COP, Silicone components such as collimators, free forms lenses, prisms, domes, automotive lenses, windows, lens array, PIR lenses, lidar windows and much more including surface treatments such as UV protection coatings, anti scratch, anti-static, anti reflection, hard coatings….

Vision systems today represent a fundamental component in the industrial automation, quality control, automotive, security systems and environmental and personal monitoring.

Optical Solutions offers standard optics such as Telecentric, pinholes, VGA lenses, megapixel lenses, fisheyes, filters for machine vision, we can also design and manufacture prototypes and mass productions on specific requests from our customers.

We can provide high purity optical quartz components such as windows, plates, discs, end caps, tubes, rods, blocks, ingots. We can also provide custom products made on specific requests of our customers such as perforated sheets, capillaries, laboratory components, laser tubes including special shapes and possible doping (Cerium, Europium, Ti, Samarium).